Slinger Signaller Training

Slinger Signaller Training Courses Delivered At Your Premises
If you were to go onto any M.C.G (Major Contractor Group) site where there is any mechanical lifting going on, you will find that the machine/crane operator works in conjunction with a Slinger Signaller. He/she acts as the main person who by means of either two-way radios or pre-determined hand signals, guide loads safely around site. Amongst their duties he/she would check the "landing area" as safe to receive the load, also assess the weights of loads prior to lifting and ensure that the correct Slings or chains are used for the task.

Slinger Signaller Training Course Objectives

By the end of the course the delegate should be able to:

  • Understand and follow lift plans.
  • Select, attach and detach appropriate lifting accessories.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of responsibilities under relevant legislation.
  • Determine the serviceability of accessories and how to maintain and store them correctly.
  • Establish the weight and dimensions of loads and communicate this information to the crane operator.
  • Direct the actions of a crane moving loads, by giving clear signals to ensure safety of personnel and plant.

Slinger Signaller Training Course Summary

  • Code of signals
  • Slinging methods
  • LOLER Certification
  • Relevant regulations/legislation
  • Basic, standard and complex lifts
  • Handling/storage of accessories
  • Selection of lifting accessories
  • Calculate safe working loads
  • Effects of varying the angles of multi-leg slings
  • Hazards associated with crane operations and how to avoid them
  • Understanding of lift plans
  • CPCS Theory Test Preparation

Slinger Signaller Training Certification

SGT Training Limited Theory and Practical Certificate for in-house courses.

Slinger Signaller Training Refresher Period

Slinger Signaller Refresher Course after 3 years for in-house courses.