Counterbalance Training

Counterbalance Training Courses Delivered At Your Premises
A counterbalance forklift is a forklift which is generally used to transport heavy objects. The forklift is fitted with a counterweight at the rear end. This is there to counteract the weight which is being transported, significantly reducing the risk of tipping. For this reason, counterbalance forklifts are used regularly within storage and distribution centres where they have to perform loading, stacking and transportation operations on a regular basis. You can often see a counterbalance forklift in logistics companies as they are used to transport heavy objects.

Counterbalance Training Course Objectives

By the end of the course the operator should be able to:

  • Carry out a pre-start inspection
  • Load and unload vehicles
  • Understand the causes of instability of truck and load
  • Demonstrate an understanding of responsibilities under relevant legislation
  • Demonstrate an understanding of battery care if applicable
  • Operate the machine safely and correctly in accordance with manufacturers manual and instructions and accepted good practice

Counterbalance Training Course Summary

  • Relevant regulations/legislation
  • Introduction to machine
  • Controls and instruments
  • Limitations of use
  • Load weight assessment
  • Forklift truck stability
  • Components and main truck types
  • Driving a counterbalance lift truck
  • Refuelling/recharging  procedures
  • Battery Checks
  • Pre-start inspection/maintenance
  • Emergency controls
  • Operators safety code
  • Handling loaded/unloaded pallets
  • Working within a racking system
  • Bulk stacking
  • Vehicle loading/unloading
  • Introduction to hydraulics

Counterbalance Training Certification

RTITB NORS Valid for 3 years.

Counterbalance Training Refresher Period

RTITB NORS Refresher Course after 3 years.

Any Other Relevant Information

The National Operator Registration Scheme (NORS) is the centralised validation, registration and certification scheme for all RTITB accredited training.

These courses meet the requirement of:

Awarding Bodies recommended period of training and ACOP
Approved Code of Practice for Rider Operated Lift Trucks: Operator Training.